No, not her adorable new hair. Though it is pretty smashing, I admit.

I want to talk about this notion of commenting on older stories. Where do you fall on the length of time before it's unacceptable to reply to a comment? I regularly see people complain about responses to old comments. This makes sense to me if it is years old, particularly if they're trying to argue a point. I have heard of people being taken to task over something they changed their minds about years earlier, which is utterly absurd, I agree.

Personally, however, I don't mind it all that much. Unless it was an annoying conversation or a contentious conversation, I sort of like that a discussion can remain somewhat open-ended for people to come in and out of over time. So often, when I've had time to think about some conversation after it has drawn to a close, I'll have more nuance or input and I like the thought that it could be revisited or revived.

Yet I see so many people complain of this and I've even seen some people say they won't respond to comments on something that's older than two days, which particularly surprised me because sometimes I am away for that long at least and I come back trying to catch up on old posts. Still, lots of people were in agreement about that.

So now I am curious if it's just me who doesn't mind this and what sorts of parameters people set for the whens and how longs of internet commenting. Maybe I'm supposed to have a stronger opinion on all this. It is the internet, after all.