What does your Favorite Breakfast say about your sex life?

PANCAKING: You're everybody's lover! Like, you're everybody's friend. Except all your friends want to have sex with you.

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Which Breakfast Food Are You?

You got: You're cereal!

(my note: A QUIZ OF LIES)

You're a true bohemian. You don't mind a messy room and never pay much attention to your alarm — you have too much going on in that artsy brain! People might call you a wild one but, like a cold bowl of cereal, everyone adores you!


What does your favorite breakfast food say about you?



If pancakes are your favorite, it means you're a breakfast professional. You should probably put "eating breakfast" on your résumé because you're just so damn good at it. Step aside, amateurs, the breakfast pro is here to show you how it's done.