I got out of bed at 11 because my mom called me, and because she is good at guilting me, I went ice skating at 1, after 1.5 years. Apparently, it takes a lot more time than that to forget stuff. And after, a girl came up to me and told me that I was really good even though there was someone out there landing axels :P

Pro tip, though: please, for everyone's safety, but primarily your own, don't wear jeans to the skating rink if you're just learning to skate. Wearing pants that restrict your ability to move to maintain your balance while you are sliding all over the place is a recipe for disaster.* This one time, nothing happened, but I was a bit freaked out the whole time. There is a reason why everybody else is wearing skating tights, skating pants, yoga pants, leggings, or athletic pants of some sort.

* and skating is nothing like walking, as millions of perfectly competent walkers can attest to, as can these muscles that I haven't used for 1.5 years.