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Would Someone Please Tell Jake Tapper To Explain the Overton Window, WhiteWingers on Your Mainstream Network, & Proximate Cause To Jeff Zucker?

Because Jake was apparently fine with having Richard Spencer on his own mainstream network last night in the interest of “objective neutral journalism”, but …

(and, reportedly, his own antipathy to something called “antifa”, as though it were directly antithetical to WhiteWing Nazism or … something?) – apparently this morning he’s struggling with the up-to-the-minute Tabletmag coverage of hate crimes & attacks on Jews … but also can’t manage to see how those things are directly related? Or at least that there’s some sort of proximate nexus between them?


A refresher on the Overton window of discourse from RVAWonk, who broke it down quietly last night right after Richard Spencer appeared on CNN saying that the #WhiteHouseOccupant (h/t Rep Ayanna Pressley; I thought I was the only one using that term) was “not racist enough”, in an attempt to shift the perception of mainstream viewers WRT what they see as “extreme”:


And somehow I’m getting the feeling – especially given what we know about Jeff Zucker’s history with The Apprentice (and yes, I do mean the one in the current White House) – that Jeff Zucker is not going to get it unless someone puts him firmly in a chair and explains it to him.

This stuff isn’t difficult. In the absence, however, of a national Fairness Doctrine to force compliance, somebody has to encourage these people, who seem quite sure they’re smarter than the rest of us, to sit down for a second and REALLY pay attention.


Especially a network who saw fit to oust Soledad O’Brien and Marc Lamont Hill, but invited Richard Spencer on in front of an audience of tens of millions to communicate that the #WhiteHouseOccupant was not racist enough for the White Wingers (h/t Elie Mystal) just last night.


Hopefully, we’ll have a much more uplifting topic later today, but this felt sufficiently urgent that I kinda wanted to get anyone who was willing to tap any muckty-mucks at CNN whom they knew gently on the shoulder and share with them about this concept on which the network doesn’t, from the evidence of recent presentations, seem to have something resembling a reasonable grip, in our current news coverage cycle, just quite yet.

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