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Worst Superhero Power

This made me laugh incessantly when it popped up on twitter account. I found another listicle here from Buzzfeed, from former Gawker writer Louis Peitzman. Some of this reminds me of the times that me and my siblings would always make haunted houses at home. Mine were always the worst ones. I once had an evil penny. It was like a regular penny, BUT MALEVOLENT. It reminds me of this Red Bee Guy. HE HAS A BEE! MEAN BEES. They got it right with his grandniece though. A mutant bee lady is badass.


But as far as the buzzfeed list, I have to admit, Dazzler is pretty kickass. I mean, disco is powerful. Just ask the 1970s. And she can make vibrations into light beams. I really hope that Halston and Bianca Jagger made guest appearances. Though their definition of disco seems a bit um.... loose. And they seem to confuse genres. Ring my bell is not an arena rock anthem, people. Anyway, add your own!

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