What playful zephyr or wave-whipped gale is that blowing around
 your beach haven?

Wind names for ocean breezes

Ever wonder how much water is in the world’s oceans? NOAA knows

Little known facts about the oceans

The Kuroshio Current, off the shores of Japan, is the largest current. It can travel between 40-121 km/day at 1.6-4.8kph, and extends some 1,006 m deep. The Gulf Stream is close to this current’s speed. The Gulf Stream is a well known current of warm water in the Atlantic Ocean. At a speed of 97 km/day, the Gulf Stream moves a 100 times as much water as all the rivers on earth and flows at a rate 300 times faster than the Amazon, which is the world’s largest river.

Living Ocean


Some of these articles show the horrifying possibilities if we continue wasting and despoiling our resources. I often explain that the reason we have sexual intercourse is because we left the oceans. Most ocean dwelling species reproduce by free floating gametes-the female expels her eggs and the male covers them with sperm-little to no touching involved. I mention this because life on Earth depends even today on the resources offered to us by living on a planet sovered by a living ocean. Our very oxygen depends upon it remaining healthy and vibrant. The sea rise map above is worth taking a long look at. I am sorry I found it after school let out because it would be a great teaching aid.