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Will the BT Village be located in Normay?

This is only a surprise in the sense that going to the bathroom and finding that someone has not flushed the toilet is a surprise. You know it isn’t supposed to happen, but it’s exactly the kind of thing you would expect to find there. It is a surprise in the sense that usually this part is bleeped. It is a surprise in the sense that seeing the thing that is usually blurred or covered with a black bar is a surprise, which is to say, not. He forgot to leave the fig leaf on; that is all. We are shocked, shocked to find anything that might HINT at racism in this establishment, whose slogan is Let’s Bring Back The 1950s And Also We Have Serious Complaints About Colin Kaepernick!

There are places in America where you literally cannot drink the water, and Puerto Rico is still suffering in the wake of the hurricane, so those would of course need to be fixed, before we could make a pitch that we were a niftier destination than somewhere else, In Norway, I’m told, everyone is issued a flying car, no one is permitted to die or suffer pain, and, I think, you all get the rights to oil and a personal fjord? I am not clear on the exact details of it, but I know that it sounds very good except for the food. In fact, I wonder why my ancestors left. Of course, eventually everything will be destroyed in Ragnarok, but that is probably going to happen here anyway.


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