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White Rabbits - August

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White Rabbits! May this new month augur well and not apocalyptic. Who am I kidding? This is 2020 and there are still 146 days to Christmas.


August 1st is a mass of “special” days, such as Spider-Man Day, but it has also webbed up Food Day Canada, National Girlfriends Day, Swiss National Day, Yorkshire Day, Lamb Day, Colorado Day, Mead Day, International Mahjong Day, National Raspberry Cream Pie Day, Homemade Pie Day, Taxpayer Appreciation Day, US Air Force Day, Woman Astronomers Day, World Lung Cancer Day, World Scout Scarf Day, World Wide Web Day, National Minority Donor Awareness Day, Respect for Parents Day, National Disc Golf Day, National Jamaican Patty Day, National Mustard Day,DOGust Universal Birthday for Shelter Dogs, International Can-It Forward Day (which has something to do with Mason Jars), International Childfree Day, Lammas Day, Lughnasa, National Clown Day, Planner Day, Play Ball Day, Rounds Resounding Day, Start Up Day Across America and Sandcastle Day, so expect it all to wash away when the tide comes in.

Be careful out there!

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