This looking back on summer memories thing has me thinking about my first personal cause I took up (because it was in the summer). This is part memory and part what my mother has told me.

I was about seven and I had a series of books on different animals. Apparently I was really taken in by the book on orcas. According to the book, 'killer whale' was actually a misnomer because they're really not that dangerous. However, because of their name, people fear them and attack them; killing these whales when they could have easily been left alone.

Well this really struck a chord with my little heart. I made up a stack of posters (all by hand!) saying to stop calling orcas 'killer whales' and plastered the neighborhood with them. I believe the posters also extolled the virtues of these much-maligned creatures.

I don't really understand why or how, but this is the first personal justice cause I remember. What's the first personal social cause you remember?