Getting the best of you.

In all likelihood, this weekend I'll be participating in an interactive panel about #GamerGate and (mostly online) harassment of women.*

I know what I, as a female nerd type person with my own experiences and beliefs, want people to know what it's like to be a woman who games and has opinions on the internet.

But what would YOU want people to know? What questions do you have left about the situation that you would want answered?


Tell me. I'm listening.

*I would not have agreed to do it if I wasn't entirely confident that the venue and the moderator have already bought in to the idea that, even if they don't like Quinn or Wu or Sarkeesian personally, the #GamerGate idiots are in the wrong here. This event is not framed as a "both sides are valid" thing. It's solely to discuss the impact that things like this have on the lives of women, and how geek communities should proceed and respond when it happens.

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