Getting the best of you.
Getting the best of you.

I recently posted about my state rep, Steve King (yes, THAT Steve King), being consistently available. His unavailability continues into this week. (Go figure!)

I tried calling all SIX of his offices yesterday AND today, and nobody answered at a single one. Granted, we’ve had some tough weather in Iowa and the East Coast. However, I made it to school today, so somebody in Spencer or Ames can dang well get their butt to the office to answer phones. Out of the six offices, only two were available to leave messages. The rest had either full mailboxes or just rang. One number listed on King’s website as a phone line turned out to be a fax line.


My questions are thus: What responsibilities do representatives have to be available to their constituents? What can I (we) do when there’s no option for a message? I also email, but I want to phone as well. A Grassley intern I spoke with today said there’s no set requirement for having people cover the phones for these reps. That seems ludicrous to me!

I’m just really frustrated, as I know a lot of you are as well. What recourse do we have? Do interns/employees even listen to each message of a full mailbox, or do you think they just mass delete everything when they get to the office?

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