I just want to bitch about this in a relatively safe space (one that isn’t a FP).

So in news that literally surprises no one except those who are waking from a 9 month coma, Donald has announced that he will accept the election results only if he wins. Which, holy fucking shit, this is the ranting of an entitled toddler at this point.

I CANNOT wait to see who sticks with him to the bitter end. Because I will remember. And I will point it out to others, for years to come.

This is not a standard election, and this is not something that should be accepted as part of the process. This is wholesale rejection of civility, diplomacy, democracy, and tradition. And while I understand the rejection of tradition in many cases, this is not one of them.


I told my son that we need to be careful not to make enemies of his supporters (on a personal level), but that we need to forcefully reject the notions and ideals that Trump himself is putting forth. So if you support him because you find the notion of 4 more years of the democratic party in the office, I can understand that. But if you embrace him because of his positions? Then I can’t find enough common ground with you to even debate.

I have erased too many rants, and held back too many opinions over the course of this election cycle. This man is insane. He is dangerous. He is a threat to our country. And he managed to get this far. We, as a nation, have failed. That includes me. He is a threat to women, immigrants, the economy, minorities, the middle class, the impoverished, small business owners, and potentially most importantly, to anyone who disagrees with him.


I would like to thank everyone, on every side, in every arena, who has spoken out. Seeing people like Senator Jeff Flake absolutely reject the notion that what Trump is doing is acceptable does restore hope in the system. And that this is no longer about party lines, but about the underlying foundation. We may have moved backward, but in doing so, have confronted a number of ugly truths about our nation. Perhaps this deconstruction can help us rebuild? Or perhaps it is just the cracks showing through the veneer, and from this point forward it is only trying to stop the inevitable. I don’t know yet.

I only know that I am worried to see what the next month brings, because I do not think that this will end on Election day.