Spoilers Ahoy:

Linden realized her boss was the Pied Piper and a rapist and murderer. She shot him and he is dead. Thank god.

We open with Linden rushing into her bathroom and washing blood off herself in the shower. Wash away the blood. Burn your clothes. Holder is going to comfort you.

Ahh shit. You have the gun and shell casings you shot the pedophile with at your house Linden! Ditch them in the ocean.

Let's smoke a cigarette.

HOLDER why is there blood on your jacket?

Adrian is fine. We go to his foster mom and check in. The detective that will tear everything apart starts his inquiry. Linder will tell Adrian he is an idiot.


Adrian looks tired. A pedophile chased him around Seattle. Linden tells him it was a joke.

Linden reminds Holden that nobody will find the murdered girls in the lake.

Linden tries to go to sleep.

Linden deals with an asshole pharmacist when she needs the morning after pill. She had sex with the Pied Piper and wants to avoid pregnancy.


To Be Continued...