Getting the best of you.
Getting the best of you.

BUMP: Anyone want to do tonight's COTD or perhaps tomorrow?

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So I’ve thought alot about what everyone said and let’s do a trial run of just doing a COTD for a while and see what you guys think then. We can always reinstate roundups later if we feel like we miss them. And you can maybe talk about the day a bit in a good night post that includes the COTD, doing a recap that might be less work,though I’m not here to dictate and tell you how much you need to recap or if you need to recap at all.. And if going forward, Pie wants to do the signups, I would not be against that. ;) Maybe then we can be as happy as these ladies. Well, maybe not them, maybe that goofy guy in the back.


F: Zhandi


U: Pie (?)

ETA: I gotta pack! Ach, I spent my day studying and then going and having a beer!

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