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Today in "Holy Shit I Love That Idea"

This guy, Darius Kazemi, loves the feeling when you order someone online and it takes so long to get to you that you forget about it, so it's a surprise you bought yourself. (Like that Amazon Echo I ordered in like November and probably won't have until after Memorial Day.)

He wanted to figure out how to get real surprises delivered to him, so he wrote a program that will grab a random word and then run an Amazon search based on that word. It will buy the first thing under its budget ($50 or whatever's left over), then get another word and repeat the process until it runs out of money or reaches its search limit. So if it looks for "otters" and gets a book for $15, it then has $35 to spend on the next search. It has its own account loaded with a $50 gift card and Darius won't know what's been ordered until it arrives.


I. Love. This. So. Much. My favorite heroes are the ones who don't actually accomplish things that are actually meaningless and not helpful but still delightful.

Here's the stuff he's received. I think if I made one (which I might) I would set it up with a really bonkers selection of words and maybe a higher price limit so it can get something really weird.

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