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Getting the best of you.
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Thursday OT

This cutie patootie may be orphaned; it was sleeping for part of the day on my neighbours’ back porch in a planter, but may have been one of the ones crying for a good part of last night. It woke up, and eventually headed out of their yard toward the road. It’s still pretty unsteady on it’s pins, so it’s probably about 3 weeks old. I’ve put it in a cat carrier with some old t-shirts and a plastic bottle filled with hot water, and I’ve tried to arrange the door so that it can’t get out, but mom can open it up. I’ve contacted the local wildlife rescue, and one neighbour said that she’d give me a lift there if the mother doesn’t show up by tomorrow. We’ll be breaking the social distancing restrictions. Oh well.

ETA: they wildlife people called back and they are full. :( There are a couple of other rehab centres out of the city, which might, might have volunteer drivers to pick it up, provided they have room. And I’ve left a message with a friend who’s newly retired who might be willing to drive me, if there is room anywhere. If not, it’ll have to be euthanasia at Animal Services, which I hate.

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