Hello all our dear BALKers! How are you all today? We do so love having you stop by.

This is just a quick update post to talk about the issue of sharing between boards. You might remember that for a while we were trying out doing post round ups from here to share to other boards. This was to try to limit spamming other boards with too many direct shares. If you haven't seen them, we did them here and here and here. And a teensy one here.

We suspended them for a bit partially out of being lazy, partially out of being busy, but also because they originated due to a conversation with Slay Belle over on Groupthink and we wanted to check in with her when she returned from vacation to make sure they were what she wanted.

She has just affirmed that they get her seal of approval (yay!), so we will resume them once again. We will try to get as much of your original content in the reviews as we can and we will try to do it a few times a week. If anyone is interested in pitching in, that would be great too. They can be pretty labor intensive.


In regards to sharing to Groupthink specifically, Slay Belle wanted to make clear that she doesn't expect all direct shares will stop, but she would like people to be more aware of how much and what they share. Their board gets shares from all over the place and sometimes there are several shares in a row on there. They plan on drafting their own policy specifically, so for anyone who belongs to both boards, the exact policies of GT will be more clear at a later time.

This is really an ongoing issue that many boards discuss. I know some days our entire front page here is nothing but shares from Groupthink and other sub blogs. As our board is very, very tiny, this can sometimes be a bit overwhelming for it. I am a flitter by nature and a member of several boards, so I completely understand that it can be hard to decide what to write where. I myself generally take a few things into consideration when I want to share something I have written elsewhere.

  1. Whether it is relevant to that board (obviously).
  2. How many shares the other board has on it's page or in a row at that particular time. Depending on the size and pace of the board, if there are already more than a couple, I usually decide to wait to share.
  3. Whether I write much original content for that particular board. Some people join a lot of boards just so they have more spots to share their things. This isn't necessarily a welcome thing if you are not participating in the actual community of a board. Some boards feel differently, but most do not.
  4. Whether I share from that board to other places. If you are only sharing in one direction for a particular board, you might want to rethink that a little bit.


Honestly, I know this probably sounds very scolding. It's really not meant to at all. We are actually a bit more relaxed about sharing to here. We know we are small and we know you guys hang out in a lot of different spots. That's part of what makes you all so cool. So we don't expect all shares into here nor out of here to stop, but we do think we can all be better, all of us across Kinja, to be more cognizant of the particulars of shares. We have always tried to be very supportive of other sub blogs, so we hope our little review posts will be a more streamlined way of handling the sharing situation while still getting some of the really great things you guys write here out to a larger audience.