Getting the best of you.

This shit irks me.

I have complained about my huge bearded wanna-be Duck Dynasty neighbors from up the street around here before, and here is the latest installment:

So I have this relative that runs a pretty big regional charity that sends care packages to soldiers stationed in Iraq/Afghanistan. I was at my mom's and she pointed out this little post on the charity's webpage and it happened to be about one of my neighbors.

Before I go on, a little background. This guy graduated with my partner. She avoids him like crazy, because on TWO separate occasions when he was in high school, he was found to have a "kill list" with the names of some of the students. Nothing was ever done about that to my knowledge. He later joined the military and spent some time over in Iraq. After his hitch was up, he would commonly regale people about his time spent as a sniper, which is sort of funny, because I once saw a facebook post where he stated what his occupational specialty was (11 charlie), and he was a mortarman. He and his entire family are raging tea partier gun-nuts that routinely bitch about the gays and socialists.


Now back to the charity website- My mom pointed out a post where this guy and one other veteran were being lauded for everyone to see. Which, do not get me wrong, is not necessarily a bad thing. The post was detailing his recent academic achievements as he has been attending college (Ironically, the same one I go to and even the same department, but a couple of years behind me.) He got a 4.0 last semester! Woohoo! Trouble is, being that I know something about this guy, I decided to see if this was true. He was not on the president's list (for people with 4.0's), nor was he on the dean's list. Of course this elicited a large eyeroll from me. It also turns out that the other guy they were posting about was also being dishonest about his grades too. (Both of these guys are friends.) Since this posting an article was written about this guy in the paper and he has taken part in a couple of dedication ceremonies. I just shake my head.

So here this guy is, a lying, liar, liarpants, who constantly bitches about socialism, going to school on the taxpayer's dime, who (I am told) is on disability, who is dishonest about his achievements, and is doing everything he can to promote said false achievements, and is basking in the spotlight.

I am tempted to out the nitwit, but I probably won't.

Maybe this bothers me mostly because I served in the military too (although it was during peacetime), I almost never bring up my time in uniform, and my name is actually published on all of those academic achievement lists, and I feel no need to tell anyone other than my immediate family about it.


Would anyone else be bothered by this? Or is it just me?

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