So Adrian Chen (no relation to Guangbiao Chen) Tweeted this out earlier and I laughed at the business card but then I read the article. Mr. G. Chen had made a bit of a promise to give some homeless persons a free lunch and $300 each but when it came time to find a group of homeless to feed and give cash to he needed some help.

On Sunday he met with officials from the New York City Rescue Mission and asked them to supply the homeless people as guests. They said they would participate in the event as long as he did not hand out any cash, said Craig Mayes, the group's executive director. Mr. Mayes said he was concerned that some of the clients might use the cash to buy alcohol and drugs. In return, Mr. Chen agreed to donate $90,000 to the organization, and the two parties signed a contract.

Though the drug and alcohol issue may very well be true I find it not so great that homeless persons are automatically judged to be too incompetent to decide how to spend money given to them Few people fault the ridiculous things rich people do with money, and while one may say "but it's their money" I would encourage one to consider that many rich people get tax and other breaks that make at least some of their money is our money too and in much greater amounts than $300.

ETA Dayna just wrote up the same thing...great minds or whatever.