Now we know why Spanky transferred almost $200 million into ICE’s budget from other agencies. Anyone who doesn’t vote a straight Democratic ticket this fall is either completely amoral or actively evil. The more I know about this administration and its underhanded tactics, the more I am shocked and ashamed of this country. We are better than this.

Department of Homeland Secuity


$50,000 a year to keep one person in ICE detention. And that money goes to -you guessed it!-friends of Sessions and Trump. We are commitng human rights abuses, crimes against humanity, by incarcerating whole families seeking asylum. This whole enterprise has been conjured up to put even more money into these scumbags pockets and off-shore bank accounts. I want to dope slap Spanky and c*nt punt Sessions over the freaking border. I’d love to see them charged in the Hague.