I found her sheer murderous quality inspiring
Screenshot: From Beyond Westworld

Hey, it’s like the 15th week of straight no sunlight days and now there has been some snow. HAHAHA. I was going to have the theme be existential dread or napping or COLD or what the fuck is this fucking weather bullshit! However, let’s just do virtual worlds because the shining pinprick of light is the upcoming Westworld season. I would just say Westworld would be our theme but I’ll try to be nice. In fact, Pie mentioned a watch and I agreed and then didn’t look at my notifications yesterday because I was too busy watching Stepbrothers and playing Witcher III. But we should. It’s going to be epic. I also signed up for the virtual Westworld game because of reasons.

I got Maeve who is the best possible choice though I am not sure if it is very accurate.