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The Walking Dead Live Thread

Hello everyone, and welcome back to The Walking Dead live thread. (Apologies for missing last week, and a big thanks to Krabby for posting it.) Tonight’s episode: “New Best Friends — While searching for a missing Alexandrian, Rick and his group encounter a mysterious collective, its inhabitants unlike any they have come across.” (WE KNEW THAT.)

I thought last week’s episode was good; it’s nice to see them finally fighting back. The explosives were a conveniently lucky find, obviously. I loved the clotheslining of the walkers; that might have been one of the best walker-killing scenes ever. There’s lots of speculation as to the identity of the new group. I haven’t read the comics, but it’s been suggested that they might be the Whisperers. That doesn’t seem likely, since the Whisperers wear walker skin, and the group wasn’t doing that, as far as I could see. Could it be the Oceanside group? You’d think we’d have seen some of the characters from Tara’s encounter with them. So maybe it’s a group created specifically for the TV series? Hoping we’ll find out tonight.


Let’s do this!

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