Well screw you, too kinja, I didn't even really want to put a title on this anyway, so.

The local women's roller derby team will be recruiting again in a few months, and this is the year that I'm actually going to try out for it.

Apparently I signed up for their newsletter 2 years ago, which I do remember doing, but I don't remember it being so long ago.

Time freaking flies.

SO! I have been starting to do all of my old dance exercises to regain some muscle in my legs and ankles, and will be making some sad attempts at pushups soon. I did about half of one yesterday.


I have a sad, cheap pair of skates, but at least I'll learn to keep my balance in them, and then if I actually stick with this for a few months, i'll buy a pair that is a little better quality than $40.

I'll be buying a helmet and knee pads and elbow pads soon, too, because it took me a long time to stop bumping into everything and stop scraping up my legs, and I want them to stay at least partly nice.


but also I want ideas for a name if I actually make it on the team!