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Want to feel old? It was just announced today that Pete Davidson, twenty-years-old, will be coming on board to SNL's cast this fall. In addition to doing comedy in New York, and being part of Guy Code, he has also had a guest role on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. On Jimmy Kimmel Live back in April he revealed how much of a youngin' he is and also that he dropped out of college, presumably to pursue his acting career.

For those that might need some help 2014 - 20 = 1994, which means Davidson is the first SNL cast member to have been born in the 90s and the newest muse to invoke during your where did I go wrong moments alone in your bedroom, staring at Netflix. You may take a break now, Jennifer Lawrence.


Anthony Michael Hall still retains the title of youngest SNL cast member though. He was 17 when he came on board.


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