Ok, since everyone liked the idea of watching and discussing a documentary each week, I gave this all some thought and sort of came up with some preliminary guidelines for us. Please feel free to debate in the comments.

I think it is obviously going to be difficult for everyone to watch at the same time or same day, so I propose that we give everyone a week to watch the films. I think that we should post the video (unless we are using Netflix) on Monday and then bump the video post on both Backtalk and The Think Tank each day to make it easily accessible to everyone. I also thought that in the comments under the video we could discuss which video to show the following week, that way we have one all ready to go, and then on Sunday put up a separate post for the discussion itself. Then on Monday we can post the next film that was chosen the previous week and each blog can alternate hosting the video and discussion. Remember that the subject must have a global/international impact.

I know it is really short notice, but I propose The Shock Doctrine for the first film. This is the movie based upon Naomi Klein's book Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism.


(sorry for the crappy link- I am still having problems posting links)