I just saw the first asshole judging Robin Williams for his "selfishness" in committing suicide. It was some idiot commenting on a friend's FB post. I knew they'd be turning up, but I'd hoped to be able to go 24 hours without seeing one. No such luck.

He was supposedly righteously indignant because he'd seen the photo Williams posted for his daughter's 25th birthday, and he blamed Williams for what his death would do to her. Yes, that's what his daughter really needs right now, buddy: you saying shitty things about her father. This will be tremendously comforting for her. See, you really care about her, not like her father, who wouldn't have killed himself (which, by the way, we don't definitely know that he did) if he'd given a shit about his children.

Or โ€” maybe he'd managed to hold on until she was 25 purely out of love for her and her brothers, and you have no fucking idea how hard he fought. Did you think about that? About how many times he might have contemplated suicide, but not acted, despite the amount of pain he may have been in? But no, don't consider that possibility, don't give anyone already knocked down as far as they could possibly go the benefit of any doubt at all, there's no opportunity for you to feel smug in that. Gah.