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Terrible Pitches: Fat Hamlet Starring Melissa McCarthy​ and Food!

A film from Failed Transgression Studios in association with Co-opted Movements Productions: She's the comedic queen of America's heart, but can she claim the throne as the queen of Danish? The laughs and the cream are going to be whipped, whipped, whipped when Melissa's character neither a pastry or a skilled chef be. Something is rotten in the family bakery after her father's death, and America's Comedic Princess must sort the slings, arrows and blintzes. Hilarity the name is woman!

Watch Melissa bring to life a character that grapples with the meaning of humanity and the filling of a pastry stuffed inside another pastry! This comedy is mad-capped, but there's a method in't. We're presenting a Sincere Hollywood Attempt! This is a comedy of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy! Melissa will be our jester, we know her well.


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