Thanks to Madam suggesting Space Camp has today's Midnight Movie, I got to thinking about movies that are really bad but I would rent them over and over again from the video store. And I just finished Space Camp. What a cheesy piece of propaganda (that I totally loved as a kid). I think I need to pop in Gravity to wash all the scientific inaccuracies away.

Howard The Duck- Oh my god, I tried to watch this as an adult and I turned it off twenty minutes in.

Mac and Me - This walking McDonald's advertisement is a cheap ET knockoff.

Flight Of The Navigator - Weird alien movie. A young SJP is a Twisted Sister fan and is crazy because she has a purple streak in her hair. Wild and crazy, I tell you!


Temple Of Doom- Until that Crystal Snore abortion came out, this was probably the worst of the Indiana Jones films, but I loved it. Still do.