Getting the best of you.
Getting the best of you.

Sunday Morning Open Thread

Posted around 11ish as that’s about the time Sunday’s should start.

I’m on a short vacation with my family. They’re (parent, siblings, siblings spouses and children of various ages) staying the week but I’m just there for a long weekend. Because I like my family but after a week might not.


It’s mostly fine. We’ve got two unit close together and I have my own bed if not my own room. EXCEPT: THE AIR CONDITIONER IN OUR UNIT ISNT WORKING PROPERLY. I’m pretty sure it’s the old mercury thermostat and thanks to youtube played around enough last night night to get it to cool to a reasonable if not comfortable level. Had I not, I would have driven 20 minutes back into town and found a hotel room.

I’m guessing they won’t fix it until Monday. By then it’s supposed to cool off and won’t matter so much.

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