I know lots of people love summer, but I fucking hate it:

1) I sweat buckets when I bike and I'm more exhausted from cycling than I normally am

2) I'm constantly coated in a layer of sweat and I feel like I have to shower 10x a day

3) sunburns

4) mosquitos

5) amplified smelly smells...garbage smells worse, sidewalk poop and pee smell worse, I smell worse...


6) cat sheds more than usual

7) feeling exhausted all the time from the heat

8) if I opt for the subway instead of my bike, the platform is hotter than the core of the earth


9) increased utility bill from running my A/C

10) increased street harassment because more people are loitering outside and I can't hide my body in my coat

The only things that make summer bearable are sangria, margaritas (the frozen ones make you forget how hot it is), and popsicles...


Sadly, it's only July and I'm SOOO ready for fall already...