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Summer book recs!

Usually listicles suck, as we all know, but this one from The Atlantic is really good. I loved both Exit West and Canada.

As I told y’all earlier in the summer you gotta read Magpie Murders. I haven’t had that much fun in a REALLY long time, although I did read Confessions in one sitting. Watch Me Disappear was a good fast read but I can’t decide whether it was too fluffy to recommend. Maybe y’all could read a sample?


Favorite recent nonfiction: Al Franken’s new book Giant of the Senate and Manson by Jeff Guinn. The latter is really long and totally worth it.

If you want to jump into a series, I am loving Louise Penny’s Inspector Gamache, and Donna Leon is consistently excellent too. Sort of fun fact - Hillary Clinton couldn’t read anything but mysteries post-election and these were two of her favorite series (the linked article doesn’t describe the same - my sister was at the BookExpo event where she said she could only do mysteries for a while). Hill and Louise Penny are friends!

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