Flip those dueling whatsamahcallits and tune up those kitchen utensils. Don’t try this if you are allergic to nuts. But yes, Squirrel, you can have a “P”. By “special” request, here is a little quiz to test the grey matter before you stick it in the blender and make bruan.

  1. What instrument does cartoonist Robert Crumb play in his blues band?
  2. What is the Wusthof 4435 as used by Nigella Lawson?
  3. What will you end up playing if you eat a fried egg sandwich? (Toast optional, but that’s how I do it.)
  4. Bake Off’s Mary Berry uses a spoon shaped Lakeland one of these. What is it?
  5. What was the name of Steve Martin’s debut album?
  6. Her milkshakes bring all the boy’s to the yard, but who uses a rubber spatula to make Cappacino Cheesecake?
  7. Who did banjo player Sir William Connolly, CBE team up with in the Humblebums?
  8. What will Barefoot Contessa Ina Garten charge you $28 for?
  9. If you answered question 7, who played saxaphone on his greatest hit?
  10. What does Anna Olsen feel is an “extension of her hand”?

Post your answers below...