US Space food is not known for its hardiness. In fact, in 2009, during US/Russian Space incidents, the Russians far superior space diet caused a rift on the Space Station, where the US would not allow Cosmonauts to use their astro-loo. Pravda claimed that it was because of the far delicious Russian meal that caused more copious poo and as a result, the ban was put in place. Russian press noted that for example their lunch was: "jellied pike perch, borsch with meat, goulash with buckwheat, bread, black currant juice, sugarless tea" whereas Americans' diet was more like "a diet ration and presumably consists of exotic fruit, vegetables, sea food and low-fat meat', resulting in softer and gentler poo. That may have been propoganda as a Russian cosmonaut said it was actually the Russian practice of charging NASA for bathroom supplies that caused the ban. Russians cannot use the American exercise bicycle either, though that presumably does not cause quite the same amount of annoyance. In 2014, there is no reported improvement in Russia-American toilet relationships as they are a "divorced couple", co-existing but living separate lives.

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