I am unabashedly a fan of Freezepop, I've seen them live, I have a signed CD, I know far too many words to far too many songs, and it all begin with Stakeout. Stakeout is, for lack of a better phrase, and to steal the words directly from my son: "happy bubblegum pop music". The song is bouncy, it's really upbeat, it's damn near effervescent. And this is why I love it. Well, there is also the matter of the actual content of the song, which is quite amazing in and of itself.

I've never hidden the fact that I love pop music in all of it's flavors, and if you have followed this series or any of my other musical musings or are aware of my listening habits, you should know that synthpop is pretty much my dream music. Freezepop, in my eyes, brought me back to the idea that synthpop should be equal parts synth and pop. So much of "modern" synthpop is much more synth than pop, or when it is pop, it's trying really hard to be a release which could have originated from the mid to late 80s. One of the reasons I love Freezepop is that they were under no such illusions. This is pop music.

I suppose that there is a chance, depending on how many of the games you played, that some of you may have encountered Freezepop in some of the Harmonix video games (Guitar Hero I & II, Rock Band, etc), this was due to one of the founding members of the band working for Harmonix (and eventually leaving Freezepop to focus on that). If you do recall playing along with Freezepop songs, I have just one thing to say: Less Talk More Rokk.

Gamecat235 was a music reviewer once upon a time, has been listening to music of all walks for just about his entire life, and has far too many CDs, not nearly enough records, and befriends DJ's very very easily. This series was started when an online discussion made him realize, yet again, that he knew more about the music he loved than he really had any reason to, and that he missed writing about it. You can find him online all over the place, but he's most active here. Have any songs or albums that you think everyone should know about, but no one does? Share them in the comments!

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