I have, at times talked about Jeff Noon and my at times borderline obsessiveness over the literary universe(s) he has created (Vurt being the major, most central to them - a fantasy drugged and musicked version of Manchester).

Have any of you ever read his short story collection Pixel Juice? It had a number of stories that tied the Vurt world together. And it had a *very* memorable story about a particular soft drink.

Fast forward nearly 20 years, someone turned Solace into an interactive web animation story. And it, as best as my memory can tell you, follows the dialogue *exactly*.

This was a journey into reliving a part of my younger experiences in a way that seemed as pure as pure.


As of right now, Pixel Juice is in a box of books waiting to be moved and unpacked, but I might have to change that or buy a digital copy, because my head is reeling, and I want to compare my memory to the original source to this.

The guys behind this project knocked it out of the park. Many of my online endeavors have borrowed Noon’s characters as my avatar names/nicknames and I’ve never let Noon’s work stray far from my attention.


There is a great interview about the project over here:


And I encourage everyone who enjoys SciFi and has a few minutes to go to Solace: an Interactive Story.