I don't know how he walks away, though. I would just sit there all day.

UPDATE: Needing to know more, I braved the comment section. <shudder> Here is more info from the poster's comments:

This was about 5 years ago. My son, then about 7, and I fed these with chicken from our patio for a few weeks after. We could see them as we hid behind the curtains of the window so were only 2 - 3 feet away! There was a den somewhere in the old garages behind my fence. Still got foxes there to this day (descendants?). PS I expected the can to fall off which is why I waited a bit also you will notice his head goes out of shot when I pull it off because I wasn't expecting it to be stuck so hard!


PS This is in Bromley, south east London, or Kent as we prefer to be known!

I was always finding empty pet food cans at the end of the garden. I suspect after the foxes raid dustbins they take their plunder to somewhere they think is safer to eat it: my garden! I believe the den is under the big white garage and they have access to my garden via the raised second from end panel.