Getting the best of you.
Getting the best of you.

Getting in under the wire on our smutty theme to reminisce about the show that turned me into the shell of a human you see before you today.

Does everyone remember Silk Stalkings? It was one of those shows that played late night on USA Network back when USA used to be a network for Wings reruns and raunchy late-night programs or movies. Silk Stalkings was their crown jewel back then other than the Wings reruns, of course. Like Miami Beach mixed with softer-core soft-core Cinemax porn.


It was the perfect detective show. Everyone had lots of sex, was attractive, and killed each other. Being a young kid with only dial up access to the internet and Catholic parents it was where I learned about sex and several different mild sexual fetishes.

But then! This light show that was mostly excuse for sex on TV for people who wouldn't pay for prime channels, ended their fifth season with tragedy. Chris and Rita, the detective duo at the center of the show, finally got together. They got married. Everyone was happy. And then Chris is randomly shot and killed. Ending in tragedy.

Next season two new detectives were brought it but by then I had better internet access.

Who is to say what havoc this unexpected tragedy in the closest thing to porn I had as a kid impacted my sexuality? I think most of my partners would say negatively.

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