Getting the best of you.

Shutdown, Shutdown, Shutdown!

And everything looked so promising earlier today.


I’m shocked (shocked!) that our master dealmaker-n-chief couldn’t get Schumer to agree to pay for his amazing wall in exchange for...uhm...pretty much nothing.

I fear this shutdown may last a while because the party of obstruction is in charge and they somehow think saying they’ll look at DACA later when you democrats have zero leverage again is a good way to convince them to vote for a budget that is against their political interests as well as the interests of many of the constituents. They can’t just make a secret bill like they did with the tax cuts and push it through on their votes alone.

Plus maybe the democrats saw this interview with trump voters and finally realized they should be fighting for and courting people who will vote for them since nothing they do is going to change the “minds” of trump voters.

I feel bad for the many people who get furloughed as well as those who won’t be getting the government services they need. Cause laying off 1/3 of CDC employees during a particularly severe flu season is a terrific way to run this country. The best.


I’m rather lucky sad that I will likely be one of the essential employees. If, however unlikely, they start looking for people to stay home...


ETA: That headline should be read in the Monster Truck Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! voice.

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