This is the first time I've written everything out. Please forgive any typos and TW/graphic language abound. Placing an innocuous GIF as a buffer.

A few years ago on January 15th I was robbed of my laptop, phone, and wallet. It happened on Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles. I was waiting for a bus back to West LA when the robber noticed me pulling out my laptop and tackled me onto some library steps. I fought back but then he started stabbing me in my legs. He was about to stab me in my chest when I let go of the laptop and he grabbed it. He also snatched my wallet and phone.

When I was getting up from the steps I tried to yell at him but I couldn't.

I began limping up the street looking for help but everyone ignored me. I had to drag myself across a gas station lot to a pay phone to call 9111. The paramedics arrived just as I was about to pass out from blood loss. They pushed a chair right under me.

Just FYI: I am fine! Everything that happened was bullshit, but I am great now. I give no fucks.