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Getting the best of you.

Seeking Post Interview Advice

Sorry, intricate thank you note advice is what I seek, so feel free to skip. This feels a little Groupthinky, but I can't post there, so I guess I'm asking for guidance here about whether or not I should mail or hand deliver thank you notes after an interview.

Let me provide some context: I had an interview for a receptionist job today (Yay!), and it seemed to go pretty well. (Yay!) They said they'd let me know by the end of the week. Cool. Now, I want to send thank you notes to the three people who interviewed me. It's too late to mail them today. If I mail them tomorrow, the office might get the notes on Thurs. and that's a best case. It is in town mailing, though; I'd probably not be able to get it in the mail until 4:30p. So, they might not get it until Fri. —making it moot. Should I just hand deliver some thank you notes after I get out of work —and their office is still open, or is that a little boiling the bunny? Is this whole thing a little scribbly on the wall? Probably.


I'd appreciate any thoughts and suggestions.

ETA: Thank you all for the advice! Looks like, for various reasons, I will try to get some snail mail off a.s.a.p. tomorrow as well as an email to —I believe— the office manager. Thanks again!

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