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Secret Language of Birthdays

Remember these books? I used to always peruse them when I worked at Brentanos at the Chestnut Hill Mall. While I know it is imaginary, like horoscopes, I also really get weirdly fascinated about this stuff. And damnit, I'm such a Pisces with a Cancer moon and a Pisces Ascendant. I KNOW! So much water. I'm so intuitive and kind. Anyway, I found the website that is adapted from the book and tells you all about how you are if you were born on a particular day.


I'm apparently a "beauty lover" which is true because look at all the gifs I put on backtalk!

An irresistible attraction to beauty is central to the lives of March 6 people—less often an aggressively forceful or passionate attraction, but rather a subtly magnetic one. March 6 people find themselves drawn toward certain people, situations, environments, music, drama and art that please their senses. They themselves often have attractive powers of their own which they may not fully realize. (it's that pancakey mystique) Easygoing March 6 people need to spend time getting to understand this power and how it can work for them if they wish to be more successful in their careers and progress in their personal development.

March 6 people tend to project their own series of internalized and idealized pictures out on the world, or at least an unconscious set of strong expectations. Especially when viewing that which strikes them as beautiful, they often do not see what is really there, but rather what they wish to see. Perhaps what they see reinforces and complements their internal needs. Thus they may, like Narcissus, be actually falling in love with their own reflection. (well who wouldn't)

For March 6 people, all forms of sensuous experience—textures, sounds, colors, smells and tastes—combine in a kind of bouquet which buoys their spirits but sometimes overwhelms them. Some born on this day may well become slaves to their desires and attractions, but for many March 6 people the purely sensual does not satisfy their need to adore and appreciate beauty. They need to do far more—to idealize the object of their affections, and once having done so, to share their life with it, perhaps even merge with it. (This is like me with cheese)


My traits:


Could be?

Those born during the Week of the Loner tend to live in a private world of their own. This is true not only internally but outwardly for their homes are often retreats from the world, places to which few are admitted. (and naps. Lots of naps)

They have a strong soulful side, apparent in their love of music and in their empathy for all forms of human suffering. They generally believe that life is not just there to be enjoyed, and that one must in some way pay one's dues with a certain amount of suffering before obtaining any real benefit. (I'm more than a little Saintly. Look at this shiny pancake. That's the color of my soul)


People born on my birthday: Michelangelo (who they didn't include)—the second most impressive person born on this day. Shaq, Tom Arnold, Moira Kelly, Rob Reiner, DL Hughley and Elizabeth Barrett Browning.



What did you find?

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