So I just got internet yelled at for my support of charities that do good while holding intolerant beliefs, and you know what, screw it, I'll own up that I will support people and organizations who have views I do not like or find toxic because they do a lot of good. And ya know why? 'cause I'm an unapologetic pragmatist at heart.

As I've mentioned before, I think that burn the place down mentality is horribly horribly toxic. Just like people are complicated, so are organizations, and choosing which organizations to support based on some ideological purity is gonna lead to plenty of people getting totally burned.

Like find me an organization in the US that has the scope of the Salvation Army, Goodwill, the Red Cross, Doctors With Out Borders...see how the list is gonna be a mile long? That's 'cause go seeking hard enough and no large organization is gonna %100 line up with your beliefs. A small organization? Maybe, but they often don't have the funding, manpower, or desire to reach out to many diverse populations.


This is gonna end up becoming yet another self-imploding race to greater awfulness for the poor, drug addicts, HIV patients, and pretty much everyone else in underserved populations. If people only give along ideological lines and charities only help along ideological lines (and for the record, most of these charities generally try to reach out to everyone), it's probably not gonna be the people calling for boycotts who are gonna get screwed.