Hey everybody! Now I know it’s a Saturday and you probably wanted pictures of cats dressed like food to shake you from the overall feelings of dread, anxiety and hopelessness, but I thought a rousing debate on what is really effective in engaging the other side would be better instead.

This comes to me after reading this on Paste:

And this on The Root:

Both of which bring up a point that will never be addressed in the cable news media: Conservatives and racists do not argue in good faith. They aren’t interested in being fair. They aren’t looking for a middle ground. They will forever deny they are wrong, ignore charges of hypocrisy, and goal-post-shift-strawman-dog whistle-conspiracy theory their way out of justifying everything they do.


Is this why Liberals and Liberalism is losing? Is it because we aren’t going out there to ‘win’ the culture wars with all-out tactics? Is it because we believe that there’s a magic group of moderates out there who we are convincing to act? Is it because we don’t actually have a Liberal media who parrot each other as Breitbart/Fox do?

I want to hear your thoughts on this. Feel free to vent!