We're covered through Friday (tonight: Madam Puddifoot, tomorrow: behinddarkglasses, Friday: intherain). But I'm putting this post up for the following days.

Saturday, 8/30: teapot

Sunday: zhandi

Monday (Labor Day, please plan accordingly): zhandi

Tuesday: Owl_is_lost

Wednesday: Snacktastic

Thursday: Cherith McCutestory

Friday: scavengersdaughter

Some clarifications:

Tag your post "BTR" (previous roundups are at Backtalk.kinja.com/tag/btr). Link all the things that originated on Backtalk since the last roundup, but no posts from other boards or comment shares. No need to share to other boards. Commentary is a plus, but not required.

These are index posts for what goes on here, and are really helpful when you're scrolling through pages of things that happened while you were at work. It's a valuable service, and anyone with posting privileges is invited to try it. Please and thank you.

ETA: Well you are all awesome and this filled up fast! Look for next week's roundup recruits post on Thursday sometime. If anybody wants to do a roundup and just keeps missing the signup, let me know. My Saturday spot is also up for grabs this week to anyone who wants to try their hand at this. (If nobody new lets me know they want it, I'll do it.)