Getting the best of you.
Getting the best of you.
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Pull up a seat and let me tell you about the olde days.

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Ah 2014. Remember those years. That’s back when a cat could get a bag of ‘nip and a kibble for 50 cents. I used to work at the Nickelodeon, showing the flickers. I remember Catsberg Twinkypuss. He was a giant of the cinema. Don’t know much about him now. I heard he’s all barricaded up in his castle, a testimony to ruined glory. Catsberg said it was the films that got small, not him. Weird though because most of his films weren’t even 20 minutes. But I digress. I remember hobbling onto the kinjas. I snuck past the trolls and the jerks who used to hang out at the corner, catcalling and complaining and found this place called Backtalk and it was glorious. We built a village. I ate a whole bunch of birds every Tuesday. We blerged endlessly. Ah, I heard it’s the sixth anniversary of Backtalk and thought I’d come back to see how the old girl was doing. Looks good. Doesn’t look a day over 3 or 4. Happy Anniversary fellas and ladies and all you cool cats too. Now I am going to take a nap. This was exhausting.


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