Dear Silly Fool Who Does Not Know This Is Not A Restaurant:

Do you see a counter top in front of you with slightly damp plastic trays and a gleaming menu board that is just too small to read? Are there paper napkins with a peculiar fold as if someone dropped the stack on the floor and then swiped them with a grease-laden hand to clean them off before replacing them on the table? Am I wearing a cheap baseball cap with a pervasive corporate logo and ill-fitting polo shirt and pants that match? No? Well, that's not because it's casual service day here at Chez k2b. It's because YOU ARE IN A BUSINESS OFFICE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD YOU HOPELESS YAHOO.

So while it is my employers' wish that I offer you a beverage while you come to conduct your business with them, alas - I can not offer you a to-go cup.

Sincerely tired of everyone thinking I'm the damned maid,