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Getting the best of you.

Usually, I'm possibly more non-plussed about these attacks than I possibly should be, but this one is shaking me 'cause I know the neighborhood. When I was in Israel, the school I went to is in Har Nof. It's such a tight community that 3 of the dead are husbands of women attached to the school. This was the first time I looked through the victim list to see if a friend's father/brother/husband was on it.


It's just senseless doesn't even begin to cover it. Har Nof is about 20 minutes from the old city. It's a very westernized (like you'll hear more English than Hebrew and it's a very suburbun vibe) ultra orthodox neighborhood, but of the moderate sort where it's also okay to not be orthodox. They're kinda pro-settlement, but very much not settlers. Like to attack the big synagouge there-first time I've seen the picture and been instantly able to recognize the spot-is not a big political statement. Like these guys could get away with it 'cause security was lax 'cause Har Nof is such a non target 'cause it's a quiet residential neighborhood.

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