This post is designed to get me (and anyone, really) up to speed on Backtalk Villager stories where we might have missed the story’s conclusion.

In no particular order, I therefore request updates on and from:

SeungriVVIP - Did you ever play crazy golf and what did you think of it? Is it the same thing as American mini golf?

dawnell - Do the pipes leak?


Owl - How is Mr. Owl’s new job going and how are things between Mr. Owl and Juni?

OWYAC - Are The Blights still blighted and bothering you? What’s the dealio with the rats? The literal rats.


Greyhuahua - How is your koi pond?


Dr. S - How’s the dining room going? Done yet?

Those are all the unresolved stories I can think of offhand. Pretty sure I’m up to date-ish on everyone else’s stories. Unless, of course, I’ve missed something entirely. (Entirely possible.)


Fill me/us in, villagers!