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Pop Quiz!

Hey! It’s your semi-regular weekly quiz. This will count as a quarter of your final grade. The topic this week is HOLIDAY DRINKS.

Marry me, Myrna Loy!

1. What kind of alcohol is traditionally used in wassail?


2. Which ingredients are typically used to make a Manhattan?

a) Maraschino cherry

b) Gin

c) Angostura bitters

d) Bootleg VHS tapes of The Outlaw Josey Wales

e) Rye or Canadian whisky

f) Sweet red vermouth

g) Peppermint Schnapps

h) Your mom

i) All of the above

j) Some of the above

3. In the very first chapter of Philip Pullman’s Northern Lights (The Golden Compass to USians), the Master of Jordan College attempts to kill Lord Asriel by putting poison into a carafe of his 1898 _______.


4. Noble rot is a beneficial grey fungus which grows on what alcohol-producing crop?


5. The British journalist Pierce Egan added 15ML of brandy to eggnog to promote his book and play. The eponymous beverage, now a traditional Christmas drink in the US, shares its name with which classic cartoon adversaries?

We’ll wage the War on Christmas together, my love.

EXTRA CREDIT: Who was the US President when the national legal drinking age was raised from 18 to 21?

X-TRA CREDIT: Why won’t you call me back, Myrna.?

XX-TRA CREDIT: T or F? Eggnog is Pepto-Bismal vomited up by a spongiform encephalitic heifer.


XXX-TRA CREDIT: I’m nod druck. Mebbe yoor druk. wod I do Myrna? Fug. Stop mooving for a minit.

“The audience wants to see action, adventure, wassailing. They don’t want to see a guy wassailing with his soul.”

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