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Pop Quiz!

Get your #2 pencils ready. The subject is TIME TRAVEL. You have ten minutes. GO!

  1. The events in the short story “The Sound of Thunder” by Ray Bradbury, have led some to miscredit to it a concept used to explain both weather patterns and chaos theory. What is the name of the concept?
  2. In Somewhere in Time, the 1980 film adaptation of Richard Matheson’s Bid Time Return, playwright Richard Collier travels back to 1912 using self-hypnosis. What item rips him back to the present day? Also, I think it’s Christopher Reeve’s 2nd time travel movie.
  3. H. G. Wells’s The Time Machine was published in 1895. What do the H. and G. stand for?
  4. Speaking of Wells, he is portrayed by Malcolm McDowell in the time travel thriller Time After Time. His time machine is stolen and taken to 1979 by which infamous serial killer?
  5. In the 1994 Jean-Claude Van Damme classic Time Cop, which co-star also starred in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off?

Extra credit: Which Marvel Comics character can control a tachyon field which enables his sword to slice through anything except, conveniently enough, adamantium? Hint: he fights Wolverine a lot. (Tachyons are theoretical particles that travel faster than light, hence move backwards in time - totw. I think I have Chris Claremont to thank for that knowledge)

Extra extra credit: The title of Connie Willis’s 1992 sci-fi novel about a historian attempting travel to Oxford in 1320 but mistakenly sent to the plague year of 1348 is a play on the title of which actual text from 1086?

Super extra extra credit: Eddie Campbell, the creator of the comics Alec and Bacchus and illustrator of From Hell by Alan Moore, is married to which author of a bestselling time travel romance? Hint: She teaches at Columbia College in Chicago.

Super extra bonus extra credit: How should Quantum Leap have ended? Poor Sam.

Here’s a song, which surprisingly includes no time travel, to accompany you while you answer. I’m My Own Grandpa by the Gogolala Jubilee Jugband, Muppet Show Season 1, episode 13, 1976. “Family friendly”, my eye:

No one can take ScavengersDaughter’s place, but if we all band together, we can come close. I think the backtalker with the most correct answers, earliest response in case of tie, should host the quiz next week. Or whomever receives the most stars. What do you think?


My week has been sh*tty busy. So busy I’ve had to kanban my stupid life to make sure I don’t forget anything. I’ll get back to you all soon, including replies to a few comments a couple of days ago. Promise.

yr pal,


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